- The early days of aviation and flying -

The website Volaticum offers literature about aviation and aeronautics. All data sources are available as full text with illustrations, for free. Our aeronautical archive in German, English and French was completely digitized, and has been converted into an internet-compatible data format. Over 150,000 single pages have been and are being digitized, for example the famous "American Magazine of Aeronautics" from July, 1907 to July, 1915, or the great "Bibliography of Aeronautics" written by Paul Brockett covering the international literature in the development of aeronautical science published from 1863 to 1932. Furthermore, there is the "International Air Guide", published in the year 1931 with its alphabetical index of airports and airfields. One of the most famous journals about civil aviation, military aviation and airsports, the German magazine "Flugsport" published by Oskar Ursinus, is also available. Everything that happened in the worldwide history of aviation from 1909 to 1944, also in World War I and in World War II, was written down in this journal. In addition to the full text presentation, also .pdf documents are available for download.

American Magazine of Aeronautics

Bibliography of Aeronautics

International Air Guide

Germany's Air Sports Flying and Military Aeronautics Magazine