The website "Volaticum" is suitable for historians, technicians, scientists and students who want to inform themselves about the German, European and American aviation history.

On this website you can find magazines and articles about aviation from 1897 to 1945. You will find texts about powered flight, gliding, model flying, balloons, airships, flight competitions, records as well as building instructions for model airplanes.

The aeronautical archive holdings were digitized and converted into Internet pages using electronic text recognition. There are more than 250,000 individual pages with illustrations and technical drawings.

Most pages have been converted from German journals. However, you can easily transfer the texts into your language using an online translation program ("Google Translator" or "Bing Translator" or "DeepL-Translator").

On the main page (home page) you will find all contents, including the magazine "Illustrierte Aeronautische Mitteilungen" (1897 to 1908), the magazine "Zeitschrift Flugsport" (1909 to 1944), the magazine "American Magazine of Aeronautics" (1907 to 1915) and the "Internationale Flughandbuch" with an overview of airports and airfields.

Recommended are the years 1914 to 1918 (First World War) and 1939 to 1944 (Second World War) from the magazine "Flugsport". You will find soldiers' front reports as well as technical articles about the German Air Force and aircraft of the allied armed forces.

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